A rough draft of the opening?

31 March 2011

As I was sitting at my tutoring job, sans students, I had an Internet-free hour, and tried to apply myself to the stalker issue yet again. This time, however, instead of writing out thoughts and ideas, I just wrote and I think I may have – potentially – a rough draft of the opening. We’ll see, but I thought I would share as it’ll give a better idea of how I want Heather’s motivation for hiring a stalker to work.

It’s rough and unpolished, but I feel like it’s progress.

Heather Poole is the sort of woman who thinks that if no one hears the proverbial tree fall in the forest, then it didn’t ever exist, let alone fall. No, Heather Poole is an advertiser’s wet dream: she believes, with a zeal almost biblical in proportion, that the brands one chooses to identify with form the whole truth and nothing but the truth about one’s personality. The Holy Trinity for her is Fame, Money and the envy of everyone she meets. Heather is no shrinking violet, no, her American upbringing gave her a deep and intimate devotion to the Can-Do attitude, and Heather Poole will fake it until she makes it.

On the 7th of February, Heather Poole hired the ultimate in status symbols. On the 7th of February, Heather Poole hired herself a stalker.

Jason is the new black. He is what every celebrity needs in order to be considered a proper celeb. He is the ultimate accessory. He is her personal stalker. Someone who is paid to notice you and sing your praises. It’s not that Heather fades into the background, but the gaze she seeks is uncommon. She wants to be both subject and object. She wants to be seen as a commodity and an expensive and rare one at that. Heather wants to cultivate an aura around herself that compels people to watch her, in the same way that she cannot pass a reflective surface without inspecting her own reflection. That’s the gaze she wants.

She is not only enamored of her reflection, she seeks to continuously improve it – remove the wrinkles, creases and nasiolabel folds. Her reflection is constant feedback, a report card of failures: sagging neck skin, dull complexion, an unflattering heel height. Noticing the ways in which her looks aren’t living up to her expectations is one of the ways she keeps up with the Jones’s.