I love research!

03 June 2011

Further to my previous post…

I was talking about how Heather needs to struggle to get what she wants, and have been considering letting her go on a Reality TV show of some kind, and be the first to get kicked off.

So I set about doing a bit of research, and what did Google bring? An article on The Wrap about former reality TV contestants. It’s moments like this that remind me research is The Best. Apparently, eleven former Reality TV stars (and in one case the sister of a contestant, and in another a Producer) have killed themselves. Killed. Themselves. After being on a reality TV show.

What if Heather offs herself in the end? Ooohhh… how exciting! (please keep in mind Heather is not a real person and I am not a sociopath.)

Maybe that’s the ending I’ve been looking for!