Embarrassing my characters

30 August 2011

Poor Winnie. I’ve been treating her quite poorly over the weekend. Things have progressed in such a way that, the day Heather arrives home from being sequestered in a horrible hotel, the rest of her family are in a queue for Winnie to try out for the next edition of Britain’s Got Talent.

One of the things that concerns me about letting Winnie go on a reality TV show is that the entire novel winds up being about reality TV, instead of Heather’s desperate desire to be famous, to be watched (which are possibly different things, but may also turn out to be two sides of the same coin). My hope is that I can play Winnie and Heather off each other.

And what I’m finding really interesting are all the little clues and tricks I’m unconsciously leaving for myself. For example, yesterday, Winnie finally took the stage in the first of several auditions. And her act? Well, she’s a magician. So there’s a little something extra to play with when Grant kidnaps her later. And since she’s not using a live rabbit (she’s allergic), the judges are reading her the riot act, talking about how they expect people with actual talent to come on the show.

Right now, Winnie is standing on stage, in a silver sequin body suit, and she’s fat, and 14 years of age, and awkward. She’s wearing a red jacket over top, and the rabbit she’s making disappear is an old stuffed doll she’s had since she was a baby. The judges won’t let her begin her magic trick, instead they’re berating her for wasting their time.

And where is Heather during all of this? Heather’s at home, talking about herself to Grant (who must get tired and/or bored to tears of listening to her go on and on about herself), remembering the exquisite feeling of being important enough to be watched all the time. It’s a nice contrast going between Heather and Winnie, I think. It’s still superficial (one thrives on being watched, the other is currently squirming) but I think there’s potential there to go deeper.

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