29 March 2012

And more of it please.

Right now, the major complication is this: is Heather coming across as a normal over-worked, stressed out woman? A woman who can’t sleep because the world around her won’t let her? A woman whose mind is always somewhere else?

Are Heather’s ailments doing a good enough job of representing the things our culture could improve upon?

Heather needs to be average and above average at the same time. Which is tricky. And she needs to be sick in a way that’s familiar to people. A low grade fever, nagging illness but nothing that ever really feels worth seeing a doctor about, until it’s too late. Not in a cancer way, but in a sort of Pandora’s Box way.

Heather is sick, the world is only adding to her problems, but she can’t see it. She can’t see that the ways in which she’s told she’s meant to communicate and the amount of communication she’s meant to be doing (in order to live a happy and fulfilled life, mind) aren’t working. She doesn’t communicate in a way that has value or meaning. Which leads her to hospital. Which leads her to Robin.