Chapters vs Scenes

13 May 2012

A strange thing has been happening as I work on Heather and Robin. I normally write fairly short scenes, so that the end effect is that the novel is storyboarded. But with this book, the scenes are more like chapters.

And instead of having constant dialogue between characters, this time it feels like there’s more of the inner monologues, more thinky bits as I am want to call them.

It’s perhaps turning out to be a slower paced book this one. Though, as I’m not yet finished, I can’t say for sure. It’s nice though for the form to inflict itself on the work as opposed to the other way round. Maybe this is the way the story wants to be told. Possibly though, I think the pace will speed up once Robin starts stalking Heather properly.

Which will be nice for him – he’ll be able to start taking pictures. Right now he’s frustrated, stuck for inspiration and his dating life isn’t going well either. But once he meets Heather, I think they’ll have a nice effect on one another.

The other thing I was wondering this past week was if I might be writing a sort of love story. Not a romcom type thing, but something more true to life. Whereby two people just click with one another, regardless of how different they may be.

Only time and a finished draft will tell.