House of Anansi - North American rights sold

16 January 2017

Exciting news!

House of Anansi will be publishing The Last Wave in North America! The exact date is 26 August 2017, and I must say I'm utterly thrilled. 

There's nothing better than having your book come out at home, so your Mom can go to the shop and buy it and talk the cashier's ear off about how it's her daughter who wrote it. 

Sarah MacLachlan, Publisher at award-winning House of Anansi said, ‘this is a very accomplished debut. I loved how the novel was layered and how the point of view was multiple. The descriptions of the sea and of long distance swimming are simply gorgeous. I love the idea of a character who is a distance swimmer — in Canada we have a history of great women swimmers – Marilyn Bell was the first person to swim across Lake Ontario and then the youngest to swim the English Channel.’

You can read more about the sale here